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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is this service for?

This is for solo practitioners who want to free up their time. It is also suitable for a small private practice with two practitioners.

When can we start?

We provide a complete intake process.  We suggest you book a time to have a chat with us to see if we're a good fit.  From there, we onboard one practice every two weeks.

Are there other services the Private Practice curators can help me with?

An assessment will be made once we have our first booking with you.

Can large practices use this service?

Unfortunately, no.

What Practice Management systems do you use?

Any system that is cloud based, ie., CorePlus, Halaxy, Power Diary, Cliniko, BP Allied. Click here to know more.

Can we discuss these services further on the phone?

Of course, please book a call with me here if you need me to discuss anything about the VA service that wasn't mentioned.

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Webinar Series


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Admin Webinar Series

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March 2022
Effective Communication
February 2022
Medicare Audit
Admin Webinar Series 
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Your ultimate solution to end the constant DIY in your Private Practice and start building a business that will stand the test of time. 

This Video Course will take the guesswork out of Private Practice by helping you navigate the clinical and business worlds, assist you in streamlining your life, and make your business truly sustainable.  

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And the list goes on

Watch our Style during our Expert chat session

Join us monthly for free industry expert chats with our Ace private practice Experts

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