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Contractor Conversation (FREE) Checklist

This topic has been quite a hit within the private practice community. (If you haven't watched our Facebook Live, check it out here.) . Here's the deal, everyone is going to feel very different about "how" this works. My perspective is that it should be from a level playing field. Each side is taking a risk and must trust one another to work together. Private Practice doesn't work without full transparency and cooperation from everyone. I have owned a private practice. When I moved to Australia, I still had every single clinician who started with me, stay. Why? Because we had built a partnership. Did I have more risk as an owner? Eh, maybe. However, that was my choice to make. I never laid that responsibility on to my contractors or administration team. If everyone works hard and does their part, the business will be successful. Not one person needs to feel as though they have been taken advantage of. It just isn't necessary. I don't think more power needs to sit with any of the invested parties. Look, at the end of the day, if both parties have the same ethos, they won't be offended, taken aback, or aggressive when either side asks to sit down and have a civil adult conversation. We've created a free checklist to review who is responsible for what. You and your principal get to decide, but it should be understood. If a pilot needs a checklist to fly a plane, regardless of the years they've been flying, then you should have a checklist too. We'd love your feedback, what is missing from our list? And remember, we have a free contractor conversations course that you can register for here.


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