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Have your referrals slowed down? Worried about what your practice looks like AC (after COVID?). I've got your back! I've asked some of my trusted humans to tell me what they use to DIY their own businesses. Together we've come up with a list of useful tools and resources that can help you recession-proof your practice. Please note, these are NOT affiliate links and I do NOT get any money from anyone if you purchase these products.

This Monthly Video Series will take the guesswork out of Building your Private Practice by helping you navigate the clinical and business worlds, assist you in streamlining your practice, and make your business truly sustainable.

Stop thinking about what to post on social media. Fiona Kilackey from My Daily Business Coach has created this DIY Content Calendar to help you stop the struggle. Look, it's not an easy time to think about what to post on your socials. I get you. Fiona's calendar is more than just ideas, she takes it to the next level and shows you over 100 tips to connect with your ideal audience.

You may remember Cat (Seeking Digital) from our Facebook Live interview. Well, she's rocking our world again with her online Google Analytics Masterclass. This is a detailed look into 15 KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) to help you narrow down what you should focus on. But that's not all, she recognises we're beginners and she's taking extra time to start from the beginning and walking us through key features within Google Analytics. (This is free for a limited time, so don't miss out!)

Earlier this month (April 2020) David joined us on our Facebook Group to give us some key SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tips and tricks. SIXGUN has been amazing with an offer of an individualised SEO Audit. Which we're extending here, to you.

That constant niggling that fear brings can eat away at us. Kara has used her training in psychology & experience with helping people with Anxiety & PTSD in this worksheet. She has taken two powerful exercises and a list of tools from her day-long fear & imposter syndrome workshop to help you when you are feeling overwhelmed by fear but need to get on with what needs to be done.

The Content Copywriting Small Business Custom SEO Crisis Content Strategy includes:

- A 30-minute video briefing to talk through the challenges your business is facing

- Customised keyword research giving you the exact keywords to focus on to bring you results

- A 3-month content calendar with themes, content ideas and your keyword phrases

- A 30-minute video walkthrough to answer any questions and bring your strategy to life

This freebie will teach you how to dip your toe into SEO (search engine optimisation) and introduce you to ways to avoid spending heaps of money on Google Adwords.

Whether you’re ready to launch, or you’re an established business, these planning sessions are designed to suit your stage of growth. And take the headache out of knowing how and where to move forward with your next marketing move.

You’ll be led by a qualified and experienced marketer, drawing on strategies and tactics created for many industries and markets. Which means you benefit from the latest marketing approaches, as well as techniques tested over time.


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