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Getting GP referrals


GP Marketing Manual

In this 9 page manual we provide detailed steps to help you successfully gain those dreaded GP Lunch dates. We give you scripts and checklists as well as ways to get straight through the gatekeeper, the practice managers.

Make your life easier. Especially since we know GP visits are never fun!

The “Must Have” Guide to Securing GP Referrals This valuable resource will help you actually get into the GP Practice. Here's what you'll learn when you sign up (it’s FREE!):

HOW TO SECURE A LUNCH BOOKING It's not always as easy as calling and getting a lunch session. We teach you proven methods to get through the gatekeeper. WHAT TO DO IF THEY SAY NO Hate getting rejected? Well, no doesn't always mean no. WHAT TO DO IF THERE IS A ANOTHER CLINICIAN IN THE PRACTICE Have you ever not booked because there has been a psych within the practice? That shouldn't stop you from going to that practice. HOW TO RESPOND TO SOME OF THE HARD QUESTIONS GP'S ASK We've heard some of the most appalling questions from GP's, we share them with you and give you detailed responses.

"We didn't really 'do' GP Marketing before working with Tash. Now, we have regular GP visits every month and have built incredibly strong ties with the receptionists and practice managers of many of the practices in our area." Steve Jobson

A note from Natasha:

“There is not one single person in the whole world that loathes GP visits more than myself. However, we've taken our years of experience and put our valuable knowledge in one place to make it that much easier for you! Building alliances with the community is vital to your business and this guide will help you build the strong ties you need to succeed. While we focus on GP's, in all honesty, this guide can be used for any and all referral sources. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself!” - Tash


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