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Podcast Interviews with Natasha

Listen to these podcast interviews:

Clinical Psychologist Dr Damon Ashworth interviews Natasha Ace, chaos tamer and director of Private Practice Alliance. Natasha works with mental health clinicians to assist them in solving all of their business concerns. Together, they discuss the differences between private practice in the US and Australia, the risk of burnout with working in private practice, and how clinicians can diversify the work they do to reduce their risk of burnout. Natasha has an 8-week course called 'Build Your Passive Income' that runs every 3 months. The next round of the course begins next week.

On this episode, Natasha shares her work with the Private Practice Alliance and their vision to understand and improve the client journey. They do this by supplying the necessary tools for practitioners do their job better, and also improve the empathy and connection they have with their clients. Natasha also believes that transparency is the easiest and quickest way for re-imagining healthcare.

Natasha talks about her philosophy to stronger networking within the local mental health community. She says, “People don’t have to use your service to appreciate what service you’re offering”. And overall, striving for greater connectivity and support in the mental health community starts with increased networking on the local level.

In this episode, Natasha Ace shares how we can ace our self-care habits and gives us more reasons on why self-care is very important for people in a leadership position. Natasha also talks about how we can develop resilience, the different types of self-care, and how we can prevent burnout.

Fiona’s first book - Passion. Purpose. Profit. Sidestep the #hustle and Build a Business You Love is finally available on bookstores around the world. In this episode, one of her closest biz friends, Natasha Ace of Private Practice Alliance, interviews Fiona all about her book, how she got it published and why she approached a publisher instead of being self-published. At the end of this episode, learn how you can get a free signed copy of her new book and how you can win a one-on-one coaching with Fiona. Enjoy today’s episode!


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