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Create a Sliding Scale for your Practice

Have you had any clients who have come in through the GP referral pathway and the GP has asked you to bulk bill the client? I was working with a clinician who received a referral from a GP. The arrangement with the psychologist and the GP was that the psychologist would bulk bill the clients that the GP felt would be in need. After two sessions with a client, the psychologist learned that the client and their partner were both from high paying jobs.

Lesson learned.

When speaking to your client for the first time, regardless if it is yourself or your reception team, it is wise to ensure they understand that all clients have the same fee for the sessions. I know many psychologists who charge their fees based on what a third party will pay. This causes unrest and distrust in the community. Why should a client who receives NDIS funding pay more than the bulk bill client you see?

Yes, the maybe some extra paperwork, but is $92 worth of paperwork?

Have a set procedure.

When all clients pay the same rate, you have the ability to set a sliding scale based on need. The sliding scale takes into account the funding source as well as income, dependents and other areas you deem acceptable for reasons to reduce the session fee.

We'd be happy to have a chat with you about ways to set up this procedure in your practice.


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