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For only $44 + GST per hour, you can have your own VA to make your life less stressful in the office!

Patient Management Systems

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What to Expect in the Onboarding Session

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  • It takes minimum of 5 hrs for the onboarding process to successfully complete. 

  • We will ask you to provide access to your PMS. 

  • It is advisable to make yourself available for this session as we cannot cancel or change the dates that you have booked in.

  • If in-case you are unable to make it to the onboarding session you will be asked to rebook another session but an additional fee will incur.

Steps to follow to book your Onboarding session

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  1. View the Packages and make a Choice

  2. Select the Preferred date and time from the booking Calendar

  3. Fill in your details on the Booking form 

  4. You will have to Pay a onetime onboarding setup fee.

  5. Once you have made a payment. We will send you instructions on how to provide access to your PMS, confirm the Onboarding date and time. 

Book your onboarding session

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